Knowledge Broker Blueprint Review: 1 Real Talk

Here’s the truth: whether you realize it or not, you are an expert — and someone wants to pay you for what you already know. That’s the concept behind a genius course we’re OBSESSING over from Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi: the Knowledge Broker Blueprint (KBB). 

Tony and Dean have come together to create one of the most comprehensive self-study programs on the market, and the result is KBB. Also known as the Knowledge Business Blueprint, this program is a four-module online course that includes video tutorials, exercises, worksheets, and an exclusive Facebook group all aimed at one goal: to help you create and run your own mastermind or online course.

Forbes recently revealed that over $5,000 is spent every minute on information and self-education products. People are paying to learn from other people — and with the right tools, you can tap into that market and launch your own program.

Knowledge Broker Blueprint Review


One thing I can confirm the Knowledge Broker Blueprint is the real deal. After watching just the first few videos, each of us was buzzing with actionable, billion-dollar ideas.

I have been a follower and student of both Tony and Dean for years. In fact, I have been following Tony for 4 years now. How many people can say that they invented an ENTIRE new industry (nevermind one that’s worth over $350 billion per year)? Tony can.

We know there’s no shortage of programs out there that promise to make you BIG bucks. At best, some of these have been great for introducing new ideas or concepts into our lives. At worst, they’re a total waste of time and money. I have tried most of them, and got so frustrated.

It takes a lot for us at to vouch for a resource like this, but KBB is one of those rare gems that actually lives up to the hype. We only wish KBB had landed in our laps sooner.

We’re beyond thrilled to partner with Tony and Dean on this epic launch and will be dishing out some PRIME educational content to the BossBabe community over the next few weeks. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about the Knowledge Broker Blueprint and whether it’s the right career move for you…


The Knowledge Broker Blueprint breaks down the specific skills that Tony and Dean have implemented to achieve their own massive success as coaches, mentors and marketing masters.

The idea behind KBB is that everyone is an expert at something. This could be anything: from leading teams to keeping houseplants alive. If you’re deeply passionate about something, you can turn that knowledge into a legit business.

The Knowledge Business Blueprint is a comprehensive program that allows you to tap into your own expertise, extract that knowledge and package it up to share with your ideal audience.

KBB provides all the tools you need to package and sell your ideas with authenticity and complete confidence — no marketing or business skills required. At the end of the program, you will be fully equipped with the mindset and actionable tools to launch your own mastermind.


A mastermind group facilitates collaborative learning and growth through peer-to-peer mentoring. In other words, according to Forbes, “a mastermind group is designed to help you navigate through challenges using the collective intelligence of others.

As a participant, mastermind groups not only allow you to surround yourself with successful people but also teaches you how to achieve success through those who have the experience to support it. Masterminds allow you to think bigger and stretch beyond the boundaries of your knowledge and success potential.

Leading a mastermind group can also be a powerful learning opportunity as well as an incredibly lucrative business endeavor.

With The Knowledge Broker Blueprint, you will learn how to launch, manage and market your own successful mastermind group. The program will help prepare you for every stage of the process, from determining your niche to marketing your mastermind with success.

Not ready to go the mastermind route? The skills you’ll pick up in the Knowledge Broker Blueprint will help you successfully launch an online course, workshop or event.


The Knowledge Business Blueprint is made up of 4 modules– each containing three to five lessons that are delivered via video lessons. Each training video comes with a downloadable PDF worksheet to help you complete the exercises and retain any examples given during the training. 

Every lesson in the Knowledge Broker Blueprint is supported by individual sessions that move you from idea to implementation. 


At BossBabe, we have a belief that “simplicity scales.” Now, say that to yourself three more times.

Tony and Dean have done what most have not been able to achieve. Create a program that is so simple and yet so freaking effective. It just works. If you do it, it will work. Not only will it work for you one time. It will scale, producing results every time you do it.

Tony and Dean have both created billion-dollar empires from this framework. Now it is time to pass the torch to you.

You’re a boss, you can do it. You have it in you to make this investment and generate ten times what you put in.


People are opting for self-education over traditional education at a mind-blowing rate.

Self-education is an industry Forbes says will reach upward of $1 Billion dollars per day by 2025.

On one hand, learning from people who have professional experience, rather than a by-the-book formal curriculum, opens up doors and produces results.

On the other hand, leading and creating the opportunity to teach sets you apart as an expert. It allows you to curate your own learning experience, to establish a legacy and to carve out a massive revenue stream in the process.

The Knowledge Broker Blueprint is a way to put your knowledge into action; to learn what you want while achieving your biggest business goals. There are no other groups that allow you to build your business this way while helping you to leverage your true potential.


KBB is ideal for anyone who wants…

  • a life full of meaning
  • the opportunity to master self-education and give people that power
  • to establish a legacy; to leave something that matters behind
  • Freedom; financial, vocational, and intellectual freedom

If you’re looking to become a coach, KBB will help you to extract your knowledge and teach you how to build a curriculum that gives other results.

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