UPW Virtual September 2021 : Why You Should Join?

Top-ranked life and business strategist Tony Robbins breaks records in the virtual events space with his groundbreaking Unleash The Power Within Live Virtual 360 Interactive Experience, which teaches thousands of people how to discover their power to break through limitations, overcome challenges and create the life that they want. Whether you’re in it for your business, career or personal life, there is so much you can learn about creating a successful and fulfilled life. And what better time is there to learn than in these unprecedented times?

These events used to happen offline but since lockdown Tony has pivoted and is running big virtual events same in capacity as live events. The first upw virtual july 2020 was a hit and Tony has been doing online events since. The event is streamed from Tony’s 360 virtual studio that he’s built. In the current times when unemployment is at a high, innovation and solutions are the biggest opportunities ever yet. That is the paradox, during the times when nobody wants to innovate and they’re scared for their life to innovate is the time to innovate.

This is an event that helps you understand yourself at a deeper level. Make sure you book it. It’s virtual. You need an internet connection and you have to use Zoom but it’s amazing. Upw 2021 is going to be epic.

My UPW Takeaways

If you’re a business owner and investor, check that out. Here’s what I learned from UPW. The first thing I learned or had some breakthrough with is the Science of Achievement. Science is the ability to show reason as far as why something has become as an outcome. I look at achievement.

“You’re more likely to get what you want and achieve what you want if you are already fulfilled by what you have.”

The desire for achievement is within everybody, even if they don’t say that it is. People are naturally compelled to grow and to get to the next level, which is achieving a new level and then a new level, and it never stops. The Science of Achievement is to understand the method behind how you achieved it. It gets a little complicated but I would say the easy way to explain it is, identify what you want first. It sounds self-explanatory but people have an idea of what they don’t want. They don’t know exactly what they want. Sometimes, people describe what they want as what they don’t want. For ex, I don’t want that..I don’t want to be poor..I don’t want to have this career for the rest of my life.

Identify what you want, then it’s going about discovering those that have achieved that and hopefully more. When you’ve discovered that person, organization, etc., it is the study of their method and their method could be a mindset, routine, or language. There’s a number of things but I’ll use an example of losing weight or bodybuilding. Having a certain physical appearance as well as internal energy level.

The idea is first to identify what you want, then you look at the science behind someone who’s achieved it. It could be, how much sleep do they get? What time did they go to bed? How do they prepare for sleep, so they get a good deep sleep and allow their body to repair itself at the highest level?

The next thing is the Art of Fulfillment. The idea of fulfillment comes down to, regardless of what’s going on around you, achieving what you want, getting what you want, or things being the same. It’s to be grateful, appreciative, and fulfilled as if nothing changed.

There’s a book called Letting Go by David Hawkins and it talks about the science of letting go, the science of art of fulfillment, and I’m so grateful where it essentially frees up space and energy so that what you do want to achieve is more likely interesting. You’re more likely to get what you want and achieve what you want if you are already fulfilled by what you have. I resonated with that and started to appreciate who I am, what I have, and all the things to be grateful for around me.

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One still from Upw Virtual

It’s amazing what that does. The idea is, I’ll sum it up in a quote that he often uses which is, “Success without fulfillment is the ultimate failure.” Those are the first two things. The second thing is the Success Curve. The success curve is there’s also in economics, something called the S curve. It’s not the same but the S curve and success curve is first starts out as growth. Most people that study finance and wealth have heard and understand the compound interest that interest, earning interest, etc.

Most people don’t understand that the nature and tenants of compound interest. They look at this linear thing which, “If I earn 8% and 8% and 8%, and I earned it over the course of 50 years, I’m going to be this.” Life is not linear. Life does not happen like that. No tree grows to the sky. Just as much as in nature, there are things that stop at a certain level and then innovate at that level. 

It’s Parkinson’s Law, which is a luxury experienced soon becomes a necessity. There’s so much we experience in life that was at one point a miracle and now it’s like, “Whatever.” If you look all around us, there are miracles. There are miracles everywhere but yet, the satisfaction of what we experienced initially as a miracle loses its luster.

The success curve is understanding and anticipating that, but then also recognizing that in order to S it, instead of collapsing, S curve is innovation. You start to plateau then you decline, but then you innovate and find better ways of doing things, it starts to go up, then it becomes an S curve again, so on and so forth.

That’s the nature of things if you can anticipate. Instead of things collapsing all around you, it’s understanding what worked before no longer works. I have to innovate in order to continue to grow. That’s what I learned. Each unleash the power within is better than the previous one, and upw virtual price is nominal.

A couple of the final things, and then I’ll get into some of these questions. Anticipation and momentum. Now is an incredible opportunity to step back, reflect, and start to implement these principles. It’s anticipating that it’s going to continue to happen in the future. Looking at how we emotionally react to things, of course, we’re not going to look at this, which is logic.

We’re not going to look at this and instantly be able to implement it. It’s balancing the emotional and logical side of our brain and our makeup. Anticipate in the future is understanding the principles behind navigating water, as opposed to 100% jerk reaction, emotionally responding, or reacting to things, and then momentum. Momentum in physics, you have elasticity, the maintenance of momentum. Inelasticity is where you or the momentum declines. In order to get back up to the level where that momentum was, it takes way more energy than the amount of energy that left going down.

What is upw virtual schedule?

The event is live from 17th September 2021 (Thursday) – 20th September 2021 (Sunday) during the following times:

Thursday, 17th September 2021: Breakthrough Day

Doors Open: 15 mins prior to the start time

Event times: GMT+1 – 9am – 9:30pm (UK)

Friday, 18th September 2021: Momentum Day

Doors Open: 15 mins prior to the start time

Event times: GMT+1 – 9am – 10.30pm (UK)

Saturday, 19th September 2021: Transformation Day

Doors Open: 15 mins prior to the start time

Event times: GMT+1 – 8am – 10pm (UK)

Sunday, 20th September 2021: Vitality Day

Event times: GMT+1– 9am – 10pm (UK)

How much does Tony robbins upw cost? 

It costs $395USD for General admission 

Is Upw virtual translation available?

Yes, the event is being offered in German, Rusian, Hebrew, Portugese and spanish language.

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When is the next event?

The next event is upw virtual september 2021

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